Panel on Online Opportunities and Risks on September 23rd, 2010 in Ankara

In this panel, in the new media environment, especially in the web 2.0, online risks and opportunities will be discussed in the theoretical and conceptual level. A early country findings of the  research project is being carried out within the EU Kids Online Project will be introduced as well. In this panel online opportunities and risks will be discussed by giving several concrete examples.

Panel participants are Mutlu Binark from Başkent University Faculty of Communication,  Günseli Bayraktutan–Sütcü from Başkent University Faculty of Communication, Kürşat Çağıltay from METU-SİMGE, İsmail Hakkı Polat from Kadir Has University Faculty of Communication. Issues to be adressed in this panel can be summarized as follows: Günseli Bayraktan-Sütcü, in her paper entitled  “Oppurtunities in the Online Environment”, will talk about online opportunuties. Mutlu Binark, in her paper entitled “Risks in Online Media” will explain how online risks will be classified, then Kürşat ÇAĞILTAY will present EU Kids Online Project’s  preliminary findings of Turkey to discuss. Ismail Hakki Polat in his paper entitled  “Online possibilities / opportunities in the New Media “, will mention  the new media’s social, cultural, economic and political effects and  will explain these effects which  are resulting from the various possibilities and opportunities.

Short Biographies of the Participants

Mutlu Binark

She was graduated from the department of Radio-Television-Cinema, Media School, Ankara University. She realized her graduate studies at Ankara University Graduate School of Social Sciences. In 1999 she received her doctoral degree on “Communication Sciences”, in 2003 she became associate professor of communication sciences. She got scholarships and contiuned her education as a visiting researcher. She made doctoral studies at the University of Tokyo, postdoctoral studies at the University of Aarhus and at the University of Syd-dansk. She currently continues her working as a faculty member at Başkent University at the Faculty of Communication. Sociology of Communication, intercultural communication, critical media literacy, gender and popular culture texts and new communication technologies constitute her study areas. Some published studies are: Woman and Popıular Culture (with S.İrvan) (1995), Practice of Veiling in the Context of Consumption Society and Fashion (with B.Kılıçbay) (2002), “Consumer Culture, Islam and the Politics of Lifestyle: Fashion for Veiling in Contemporary Turkey” European Journal of Communication (2002); “Media Monkeys: Intertextuality, Fandom and Big Brother in Turkey” Big Brother International: Formats, Critics and Publics içinde (B. Kılıçbay ile) (2004); İnternet, Toplum, Kültür (ed. with B.Kılıçbay.) (2005), “Turkey Map of Intercultural Communication Studies”, Culture and Communication (2006), Haydarpaşa Train Station inside Space and Time: Visual and  Oral Testimony (with İ. Kocabıyık and G.Çulha), New Media Studies (ed.) (2007), Critical Media Literacy (with Mine Gencel Bek) (2007), Digital Game As Culture Industry  (with Günseli Bayraktutan-Sütcü) (2008), Digital Game Guide: Game Design, Player and Genres (ed. with Günseli Bayraktan-Sütçü, and Işık Barış Fidaner) ) (2008), Social Sharing Network Facebook: Being seen, therefore I am (with A. Toprak, A.Yıldırım, E.Aygül, S.Börekçi ve T.Çomu) (2009). Between June 2007-December 2008 she carried out the Research Project of “Digital Game Culture in Turkey Game Culture” on behalf of TÜBİTAK, she still continues to work on hate speech in new media and new media literacy. She is also writer of  the blogs named: and

Günseli Bayraktutan-Sütcü

She was graduated, from the department of Political Science and Public Administration,Economic and Administrative Sciences Faculty, METU. She realized her graduate studies at Ankara University Graduate School of Social Sciences at the department of Journalism in 2004 with the master thesis named “Information Indsutry and Communiation Networks: Academic Database Used in Turkey and Case Study. At the same institute, she completed her doctoral thesis which is about Turkish Academics Participation Practice on the Blog Environment in June 2010. She has been working at the Başkent University Communication Faculty as a lecturer. Her academic interests are relationship between media and democracy in the context of new communication technologies, and research methods. Her publications are; “Rethinking Political Communication over the assets of Extension of the Virtual Museum power”, in New Media Studies (2007), “Clan Culture in Massively Online Games and Leadership Case”, Folklor Edebiyat Dergisi (2007), “Internet Cafes in Turkey: User Generated Discourse on the Internet Cafes and the Space-User Relationship”, (with M.Binark), Amme İdaresi Dergisi (2008), Digital Game as Cultural Industries (with M.Binark) (2008), Digital Game Guide: Game Design, Player and Genre (ed. with Mutlu Binark, Işık Barış Fidaner) (2009).

Kürşat Çağıltay

He was graduated from the department of Mathemathics, METU. He got his bachelor degree in 1993 from department of computer engineering, METU. Between the years of 1988-1997 at the METU Computer Center he has worked as a Computer Networking  manager and as a vice president. at computer operations center. In1990, at the Internet Project launched by METU-TÜBİTAK, worked as a techinical group manager. Between the years of 1997-2002, from the U.S. Indiana University Department of Instructional Technology and Cognitive Sciences recieved doctorate degree at double branches. He is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Instructional Technologies, METU.

İsmail Hakkı Polat

In 1989 he was graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, METU. Between the years 1989-2004, respectively has worked as an engineer and a manager in Siemens, Nortel-Netas and telecommunications companies such as Ericsson and Turkcell. Since 2004, works as a lecturer at Kadir Has University Faculty of Communications, he is teaching  “New Media” course, also he took part in the establishment of the new media section, worked as an advisor or manager at Dogan Holding, Central Publications Group and Ciner Media Group in the establishment of mobile communication units and devolepment of interactive services. He shares his opinions and ideas about new media in his column in Bloomberg Business Week Magazine Turkey every week.


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