A New Book: Hate Speech in New Media

From Preface- Işık Barış Fidaner

Today, the spread of forms of hate speech is closely releated with the changes that is created in the tissue of everyday communicaton via the internet and social sharing networks (new media). In contrast to other communication technologies suc as newspapers, radio, television or even basic communicaton technologies (eg. mobile phones), new media, by creating interactive public space, has provided the most conducive environment where the hate speech can find life and can enter into reproduction. In the first article of the book by discussing this issue, Mutlu Binark shows us academic subjects and current studies about hate speech and forms of hate speech propagation in new media. This article gives a general idea about the formation of the studies on different forms of hate speech such as gender, nation, race. In the second part of the book Ilden Dirini discusses internet readers comments on newspaper news.  At first glance reader comments seems trivial but these comments are more effective than news in producing discourse (and hate speech) and also can effect traditional media and politicians. Eser Aygül, in her article, discusses the forms of dissemination of hate speech in social sharing networks, she illustrates practices such as labeling, stigma, stereotype via taking quotations from numerous hate groups on Facebook. Tuğrul Çomu, examines the role of hate speech in the visual sharing networks on the Internet. With the more easier image sharing and lower quality requirements, hate speech can become more visible in the shared images and can spread easily. In the fifth part of the book, Günseli Bayraktutan-Sütcü eximines hate speech at digital games.  Especially sexism and gender roles are being produced again as a fantasy in role playing games. Altuğ Akın, examines how holiganism (which is a model example of hate speech) affects the fans and sports writers. Burak Doğu,  in the  seventh part of the book, explores ways to combat hate speech on the internet by bringing a different perspective. In the last part, Ayşe Kaymak takes hate speech as a legal issue. She starts from a question that “How exactly the hate speech can be distinguished from the other questions?”, she  shows the ways by giving information about how hate speech can be recognised and restricted by judicary . In all areas of life we can encounter with hate speech. Nature of these discourses essentially remain invisible to the extent that they show the ideological functions and by covering the material causes of social conflicts, these discourses keep away us from democratic solutions. The only way to remove this cover  is to reveal the rhetoric of  “hate speech” and to ensure these discourses to be condemned by public. In this book, we aim to show the ways that makes hate speech visible in everyday life and all social fields. We hope  spreading of these discussions to continue  in academic life, everyday life and other areas.

Publisher: Kalkedon, September 2010


One Response to A New Book: Hate Speech in New Media

  1. maria dedi ki:

    Hey,I find your point of view very interesting

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