6. IDIA Konferans Programı açıklandı

6th IDIA Conference Program

IDIA2012 Conference
Istanbul, Turkey
6-7 September 2012

Yer: Beykent Üniversitesi Sıraselviler Kampüs/Taksim

Bilgi için:http://developmentinformatics.org/conferences/2012/program.html

Alleviating Digital Poverty with ICT innovation in emerging economies. Will ICT Rights make a difference?

Thursday 6 September 2012

8:00 8:30 Registration and Tea
8.30 8:40 Welcome, by Conference Chair
Chair Sudhanshu Rai
Copenhagen Business School
8:40 9:20 Keynote Address
A critical assessment of M4D and Development 2.0
Chrisanthi Avgerou London School of Economics
Session 1
Session Chair Sudhanshu Rai
9:20 9:50
1.1 The potential role of open source software in overcoming digital poverty
Josephat Kinyondo
Judy van Biljon
Aurona Gerber
University of South Africa
University of South Africa
CSIR, South Africa
9:50 10:20
1.2 The Roles of Intermediation and Knowledge Creation in Community Development in Rural Bangladesh: ICT as a Tool rather than a Goal in Access to Information
Farzana Akther
Marianne Georgsen
Aalborg University Denmark
10:20 10:50
1.3 Mobile payment services in South Africa: Providing secure financial services to the poor
Boitumelo Nkaelang
Sunday Ojo
Victor Mbarika
Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa
Southern University
10:50 11.00 Refreshments
Session 2
Session Chair Graeme Johanson
Monash University
11.00 11.30
2.1 Effects of imprecise weighting on the water poverty index
Charles van der Vyver North-West University
South Africa
11.30 12:00
2.2 Sharing Lessons for the Review of ICT4D Concepts in Developing Countries of Africa
Tibuhinda Ngonzi University of Cape Town
12:00 12:30
2.3 Revisiting an Age-Old African Participatory Approach: The Rebirth of Imbizo
Mkhululi Tyukala
Dalenca Pottas
Mikko Korpela
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University,South Africa
University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland
12:30 13:15 Lunch
Session 3
Session Chair: Erwin Alampay
University of the Philippines
13:15 13:45
3.1 WhatsApp in Social Networking, MXit with BB Messaging: Can social networking sites be used to enhance learning?
Imelda Smit
Linda du plessis
North-West University
South Africa
13:45 14:15
3.2 The digital difference between traditional information provision and students expectations in developing countries
Baldreck Chipangura
Judy van Biljon
Adele Botha
University of South Africa
14:15 14:45
3.3 Wireless Hospital Applications
Ali Alkinani Tatratec Medical Corp.
Saudi Arabia
14:45 15:15
3.4 Can mobile technology reduce the Digital Divide? A study in a South African tertiary education context
Patricia-Ann Harpur
Ruth de Villiers
University of South Africa
15:15 15:30 Refreshments
Session 4
Session Chair:
15:30 16:00
4.1 ICT Enabled Collaborative Business Environments: A useful tool for extending digital opportunities to rural based SMEs in Namibia
Colin Nyandoro Polytechnic of Namibia
16:00 16:30
4.2 An Overview on ICT Development in Turkey, Pakistan, Middle East and Africa
Iqbal, Muhammad
Muhammad, Bello
Akadal, Emre
Alsadi, Mohammed
Alshaikh, Mohanad
Sabimbona, Serges
Gülseçen, Sevinç
Istanbul University
Open Session
16:30 17:30
Notes from the field: the state of affairs of ICT4D
Participation from the floor
Jacques Steyn
Graeme Johanson
Monash University

Friday 7 September 2012

8:30 9:00 Refreshments
9.00 9.10 Housekeeping
Chair Melih Kirlidog
9.10 10.00 Keynote Address
Turkish Internet : A look back for governance and developmental Informatics
Mustafa Akgül Bilkent University/Internet Techologies Association Ankara, Turkey
Session 5
Session Chair Judy van Biljon
10.00 10:30
5.1 Evaluating the impact of mobile phones on the well-being of blind micro-entrepreneurs in Indonesia
Misita Anwar
Graeme Johanson
Monash University
5.2 10:30 11:00
A critical analysis of telecentre operational models in three countries
Abraham Van der Vyver
Jayantha Rajapakse
Kamolrat Intaratat
Monash University South Africa
Monash University Malaysia
Sukhothaithamathirat Open University, Thailand
11.00 11.15 Refreshments
Session 6
Session Chair
11.15 11:45
6.1 Deep Packet Inspection and its Social Implications
Melih Kirlidog
Ozgur Uckan
Isik Baris Fidaner
Marmara University, Turkey
Bilgi University, Turkey
Bogazici University, Turkey
11:45 12:15
6.2 ICTs and Connectedness in Families of Filipino Migrant Workers
Erwin Alampay
Liane Alampay
Khane Raza
University of the Philippines
Ateneo de Manila University
University of the Philippines
12:15 12:45
6.3 ICT for Citizens’ Awareness of Environmental Decisions
Evaristo Baquete
Veijo Meisalo
Erkki Sutinen
Ministry of Science and Technology, Mozambique
University of Helsinki
University of Eastern Finland
12:45 13:30 Lunch
Session 7
13:30 14:30 Session Chair:
7.1 Workshop
ICT Rights and Counter Trends in Turkey: Digital Surveillance Getting Diversified
14:30 15:00
7.2 ICT Perceptions of Female Non-ICT First Year Students in South Africa
Malie Zeeman
Charles van der Vyver
North-West University
South Africa
15:00 15:30
7.3 An Actor- Network Theory based approach for Designing Rural Community based Information Systems in South Africa
Ntombovuyo Wayi
MH Huisman
University of Fort Hare, South Africa
15:30 15:45 Refreshments
Session 8
Session Chair:
15:45 16:15
8.1 Assessing ICT4D Project Design: A Programme Theory Assessment of the Siyakhula Living Lab
Caroline Pade-Khene Rhodes University, South Africa
16:15 16:45
8.2 Technology Adoption amongst educated non tech-savvy users in India: Motivations, Hurdles & Behavioural Patterns
Singh, Deepak
Mehta, Dhaumya
Tanwar, Sachin
Joshi, Anirudha
Anuj, Dev
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
Conference Dinner



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