New Media Studies 2nd National Conference to gather in İstanbul on 26-27th of February

The second gathering of the New Media Studies Conference, first national and refereed conference, will be held in İstanbul in 26-27 February. This year, the organisers of the Conference are Alternatif Bilişim Foundation and Kadir Has University.

The theme of the conference which this year is hosted by Kadir Has University is “New Media Literacy”. Besides the opportunities the new media will offer users, the conference also includes topics such as the growing threat of surveillance, commercialization and censorship as main discussion topics. “New Media Literacy” will be discussed in relation to the threats and opportunities it poses for the media and citizens.

On Thursday, February 26th, the Conference  will begin with opening speeches by the Kadir Has University Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Sevda Alankuş, and the President of the Alternatif Bilişim Foundation, Ali Rıza Keleş. In addition, Mustafa Akgül, faculty member of Bilkent University and President of the Internet Technologies Foundation, will join as the guest speaker.

Bringing new breath to the new media field the conference will also feature workshops which are organised around the themes such as as the interaction of the new media arts  and digital storytelling intended for the development of personal summation and digital literacy.

In the 2nd National Conference  of New Media Studies, 51 out of 90 abstracts were chosen by the Science Board, which is composed of 46 expert academics. Some of the topics that will be presented at the Conference include topics such as the different understandings  and reflections of new media literacy both in Turkey and around the world; related international projects; interdisciplineary approaches and participation; the new media use of the women; LGBTI people; Y generation, which frequently constitutes the agenda; and NGOs.

The following questions will be also discussed at the Conference: Can a social media phenomenon be an opinion leader? Does social media help people to participate in politics? Who has our personal data and why? How secure are we?

The Congress to be live streamed online

The Congress is free to particitpate, and will also be broadcasted online via URL:

Program details can be found on

For more information about the workshops, visit

The Science Board list may be found  on


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