LaborComm 2016 The 7th International Labor and Communication Conference 7-8 May 2016, Ankara-Turkey

As a part of the Eleventh International Labor Film & Video Festival,
The 7th International Labor and Communication Conference, intended to bring together scholars and activists working on labor and communication issues, will be held on 7-8 May in Ankara-Turkey.


Nowadays analyses, both on the Internet and the social transformation mediated through the Internet, are still centered around discussions on “promises”. Although this framework of academic inquiry on delivered and undelivered promises contributed to the creation of a very large literature and substantial amount of critics, it is insufficient for a truly critical and comprehensive understanding of our conditions. Given that the Internet has become a global communication system, it is extremely important to reconsider social transformation and the Internet in order to achieve a critical and comprehensive understanding. LaborComm 2016 aims to produce a critical and comprehensive knowledge of our time, to create projections for the emancipation of labor and the necessary praxis for the fulfillment of these projections. To do so, it welcomes your contributions. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

 Political economy of the Internet and networks
 Technology and labor processes
 New conceptualizations on labor and labor processes (such as digital labor, audience labor, prosumer, prosumption)
 Existing or potential impacts of information and communication technologies on production processes
 Labor organizations and new forms of organization based on technology

Important Dates:

4 April 2016: Deadline for abstract submission (max. 500 words) to
8 April 2016: Notification of acceptance
2 May 2016: Deadline for full text submission to
Organizing Committee: Ankara University, Faculty of Communication, Division of Informatics.
For further information related to conference and Call for Papers, please visit


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