Final Declaration of 1st National New Media Conference was published…

It is necessary to develop methods against applications such as sensorship, surveillance and control that threatening and restricting internet consistently. Internet should rebuild  at any time as a place where the circulation of information is unlimited, open to public and democratic negotation, citizen participation and control. In this context, in the social life every dimension of activism should be developed.

One of the main points emerged after the discussions about the digital activism is theoretical frameworks are of great importance. Altough the contribution of theoretical debates to the field is undeniable, increased of studies on and dialogue between disciplines and thus theoretical ground becomes strong.

In this regard, the method problem distinctly stands out. In humanities and social sicences the method is way of showing theoretical and conceptual framework. Therefore new media studies should give importance to the method and research techniques. In this sense, sharing the research experience  and field experience is an important sharing process and a reflexive activity. This very point can feed original discussion about the field and new media.

Within the framework of surveillance and control phenomenon, protection of personal data and prevention violation of communication privacy should be considered as on of the important agenda item.

Being a hacker phenomenon, the hacker ethics issues should be addressed by the hacker community and academia.

New media is changing art forms and practices, social, political and economic relations, ıt is a new means of expression at  visulation of the cases and means of expression can be improved by various literacy.

New media literacy needs to be improved at every part of life political and social life. By this way, in various new media environments qualified usage pratice can be developed within the framework of civic culture. New media literacy stakeholders are universities, non-governmental organizations and all citizens.

Similarly, despite the fear culture and moral panic that are tried to be created/make widespread, tools and media, opportunities should be emphasized and highlighted.

Considering the subject, scope and diversity of congress program, and also considering the dynamic, rapidly changing structure of the environment, researches from different disciplines working together in this field  can bring diversity and richness.

Alternative Informatics Association and Kocaeli University Faculty of Communication; May 8th 2013


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